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Shuangliu district leads way in modern development

2023/11/27 17:06:19

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Shuangliu district of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, has made great strides in building a high-quality Chinese aviation economic hub.

Shuangliu district obtains the individual award of China’s Most Happy City (Urban Area) at the 2023 China Happy City Forum.
Shuangliu district obtains the individual award of China’s Most Happy City (Urban Area) at the 2023 China Happy City Forum.

The district has obtained the individual award of China's Most Happy City (Urban Area) at the 2023 China Happy City Forum held recently in Chengdu. This is the fourth time that Shuangliu has received this honor.

The Airbus Lifecycle Services Center, Airbus' first aircraft recycling project outside Europe, was completed on Sept 28. As a booster that accelerates the integration and development of high-end aviation manufacturing and modern services in Shuangliu, the project will achieve the recycling of more than 90 percent of an aircraft weight.

The industrial scale is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan ($5.59 billion) by 2030. In addition, Shuangliu, a key player in the supply chain, has attracted 11 related projects with the support of the Airbus project.

Adhering to the people-oriented and eco-friendly principles, Shuangliu district government aims to build a multilevel park system featuring the categories of city, community, countryside and small gardens.

Shuangliu's first child-friendly park became popular after its opening in January. Taking aviation as its main design element, the children's park also builds a nursing room as well as a children's center and makes kid-friendly transformations to toilets, parking lots, seats and the corners of structural buildings.

As of now, Shuangliu has established a total of 379 km of airport greenways and an urban green space area of 5,118 hectares. Its green coverage rate reaches 49.06 percent. The per capita park green space area is 15.6 square meters.

Shuangliu is revving up efforts to construct an age-friendly and inclusive society. It has created a network for people to enjoy a happy and beautiful life, ensuring that "the young are well nurtured and the elderly are well taken care of".

In 2022, Shuangliu launched a maternal and child care program, an innovative initiative aimed at meeting the health needs of women and children throughout their lifecycle. As of October, the care program has benefited a total of 866 families, with nearly 5.2 million yuan of benefits to people.

This year, Shuangliu launched 10 major projects for a happy and beautiful life, covering areas closely related to the people and enterprises, including income, cost of living competitiveness, public services and urban commuting.


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